Our R&D center

R&D (Research and Development) has been defined by the OECD as “creative work carried out systematically to increase knowledge and the use of this knowledge to create new applications”. It is aimed to contribute to the sector and therefore to technology by producing qualified information and developing new applications with R&D activities. With the increase in the rate of spread of this information, it has become a priority in developing societies to raise technological development to higher levels. Especially developed countries make serious R&D investments for all kinds of new knowledge or experience they will gain. Our company CPS Pressform is one of the important companies that aims to continue its work in this field and develops studies on a global platform that will contribute to the country’s economy.

Our company, CPS Pressform, was entitled to receive the title of R&D center by the Ministry of Industry and Technology with the Law No. 5746 on Supporting Research and Development Activities in 2017.

The goal of our R&D Center is; is to develop competitive products and innovative technology on a global platform. For this purpose, it is aimed to successfully create and market new product projects in line with market needs, and to improve existing products in line with expectations. In order to achieve these goals, our R&D Center attaches importance to progressing and continuing its work within a wide R&D cycle, including universities, our suppliers and various engineering companies. In this context, our company’s R&D activities are carried out together with the regional laboratories around our R&D Center, university academics and our company’s competent researchers. The R&D projects of our company, the developing process from the idea stage to the product, and all the activities that need to be carried out are managed in a certain systematic.

Our R&D center attaches importance to the development of new technologies in order to obtain high-performance and innovative products by following the latest trends in the automotive industry. With our young and dynamic staff, we have the competence to meet all kinds of needs. Main headings of the conducted R&D studies are mainly; metal forming, laser cutting, welding and sheet metal part mold works. In addition, our company CPS Pressform, attaching importance to university-industry cooperation; It develops projects supported by TUBITAK-TEYDEB and carries out its works within the scope of these projects. In our R&D office located in Informatics Valley, various national and international R&D activities of our company are carried out. With our teammates who are experts in their fields, our efforts for localization and nationalization are rapidly being developed in the fields of defense industry and aviation, especially in the automotive sector.

Being aware of the fact that the quality of our R&D studies, which is positioned as an important part of the innovation system, can only be possible by being up-to-date, our company carefully follows the latest developments in the world, both in the sectoral and academic sense, and aims to be a part of the system by incorporating regular investments and technological studies. is proud.