Cataphoresis Coating

Cataphoresis Coating

Our facility,

  • Decided to invesment because of cataphoresis and powder paint coatings quality expactitation in automotive sectory at 2022.
  • Our line is customized to the appropriate quality requirement of automotive quailty
  • Our line, which started mass production as of July 2023, has cataphoresis and powder coatingg experience with its expert team.
  • Our facility is built on a total area of 490 square meters
  • It has coatingg capacity of 250.000 square meters for a per year.
  • It is capable of performing cataphoresis coating up to a thickness of 35 microns.
  • Production is monitored and recorded with our laboratory equipment to ensure traceability.


Cataphoresis coating is a painting process that uses electricity to coat a metal part with paint.

KTL e-coating has become the primary painting process in the automotive industry for OEM. The main advantage of the cataphoresis method is its proven resistance to aggressive conditions such as high humidity and salt exposure.

Cataphoresis can be used both as a primary corrosion-resistant primer coating for the main coating and as a preliminary coating before final finishes like powder coating.

Cataphoresis coating is predominantly used not only in the automotive industry but also in the manufacturing of all types of mechanical equipment, agricultural machinery, durable consumer goods, and various production areas

The cataphoresis line process consists of four main stages:

  1. The surface cleaning stage
  2. The surface preparation stage
  3. The coating stage
  4. The curing stage
  5. 17 different immersion stages

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