1992Company founded in the field of welding technology.
1996First orders from the automotive industry.
1998Expansion of business relationships with Tier 1 suppliers such as Magna and Bentler.
2001Acquisition of the first assembled welded groups from Tier 1 suppliers.
01/2004Achievement of Tier-1 supplier level as a result of permanent growth
06/2004Nominated VW supplier in plant Bratislava for the vehicles VW Touareg, Audi Q7 and Porsche Cayenne.
2006Decision taken to move company to Turkey.
10/2007Start building of plant in Turkey/Gebze.
02/2008Direct supply to Daimler AG with start of production in Gebze.
09/2013Investment and construction work started for Turkey’s fifth biggest toolshop, located 5 km away from main plant.
03/2014Start of operation of toolshop.
2015Welded & single body parts for Mercedes GLC Project are being supplied to Bremen and China plants.


We provide single and welded pressed parts for the automotive sector in acordance with current market conditions.


To shape an environment in which all necessary financial and ethical conditions are constantly given where people are motivated to come to work that helps them unlock their potentials by:

  • Maximizing customer satisfaction
  • Meeting employer expectation constantly
  • Growing in the 10% band every year

To become an internationally well known and acknowledged strategical partner that stands out with quality and technology within the turkish automotive sector.