Our Quality Management team together with our qualified staff is constantly working in order to carry our quality to perfection in every field. All aspects, methods and tools of a ‘state to art’ Quality Management System are beeing deployed on a regular basis.

Quality Policy

CPS aims to fulfill:

  • Sharedholder Satisfaction
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Employee Satisfaction

As CPS employees,

we strive to please our shareholders as a growing company that profits from investments made. We provide our customers on time products of best quality and best prices.

We are aware that quality is a result of a holistic approach covering improvement in all fields of the company.

In everything we do, we prepare the fertile ground and atmosphere for satisfied employees, protect the environment and encourage environmental awareness.

We commit ourselves to continuous improvement beleiving that the development pontential is unlimited with a team spirit that includes the participation of the stakeholders such as customers, employees, suppliers.